Get the Facts


An estimated 1 million Americans currently spend nearly $3 billion a year on an unsafe, unregulated black market for Internet gaming.
The FBI says that black market Internet gaming makes us less safe. A congressional ban on Internet gaming would allow the black market to flourish.
Demographic market research shows Internet gamers are different than traditional casino patrons, and are unlikely to have an adverse effect on existing casinos.
Polling shows Americans oppose a Congressional ban by more than 20 points.
States are moving forward with safe, regulated gaming. Congress shouldn’t be stepping in to tell states they have to stop.
Prohibition doesn’t work. Just like prohibition on alcohol created the speakeasies, prohibition on Internet gaming creates an unsafe black market.


Americans will be safer if we ban all Internet gaming.
The FBI says that Internet gaming makes us less safe.
Internet gaming will hurt existing casinos, because gamers will switch to playing online.
There is strong public support for a ban.
Congress needs to act NOW!
Prohibition is our only option.