The Online Gaming Laws

Several laws are there for the Gaming industry, which may or may not have worked as intended. For instance, the Internet Gambling Protection Act of 1999, tries to remove the building habit of online gaming gambling websites, which some people are ambitiously working to implement. However, that decision will probably upset thousands of people. Thus, its implementation will fail. Many people have made online gambling a part of their daily lives and arrive daily in an attempt to test their luck. Arguments on why it should be banned include that it encourages underage people to gamble and damage the real-life casino industry.

Do Gaming gambling websites need changes?

Another gaming law controversy revolves around certain websites that offer to gamble for things like loot boxes. These loot boxes include cosmetics or items that a player may win ranging from cheap in-game items to expensive ones. The controversy is the spending of real-life money for in-game cosmetics in a sort of gamble to receive either an expensive item or a cheap one. This convinced people that it is a form of online gambling and should be banned.

Negative mental effects:

Moreso another major issue is video games changing the nature of a person. Some video games have a theme that changes the character of a person. They may make a person more violent or aggressive. What’s more, is that parents have complained about their children ignoring their parent’s orders and not listening to them. Thus the controversy that online gaming makes young people violent.


Furthermore, the issue of harassment has increased lately with the introduction of things like text and voice chat. With time, more people have found themselves being harassed or bullied by things like racism, sexism, etc. Part of this has to do with the anonymous nature of the internet. That results in more issues like Cyber Bullying.


Online gaming can be addictive. Mostly the young students face this issue where they become addicted to an online video game, ignoring their studies.

Their daily routine gets affected by this gaming addiction. Therefore the controversy exists whether or not to make a law limiting the hours a person can play an online video game. With this addiction, many young students often ignore their education, resulting in an increased failure rate.


Racism is also another controversy. Some games often portray other races, genders or countries offensively. Laws are said to be made restricting the implementation of races or nations as they can promote racism. Some games may show one gender superior to the other one. Such practices are always discouraged.

These things are always causing controversies in online gaming laws.  Although not all video games contain such stereotypes, some still do.