What is the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor?

Hearing the terms “solicitor” and “lawyer” in Hervey Bay often leaves you thinking if they are one and the same thing. Is there a difference between the two other than their spelling? Can a lawyer be called a solicitor, too?

In Hervey Bay, solicitor, Hervey Bay, and lawyer, Hervey Bay means the same thing. The term is used to describe a legal professional who is qualified to provide legal advice.

The lawyer/solicitor, Hervey Bay is a person that has completed both undergraduate and postgraduate law studies. Being admitted to the legal profession requires these law graduates to complete Supervised or Practical Legal Training.

They will only be able to consider themselves as a solicitor/lawyer when they receive the practicing certificate after their training.

What is the range of legal services offered by solicitors?

The term solicitor is commonly used in Hervey Bay. Whatever the term used to address these legal professionals is not that important. What’s important is the range of legal services offered by solicitors. The common services include:

  • Act as your legal representative in negotiations and always act in your best interests
  • The legal expert that can provide a wide range of legal pieces of advice
  • Provide legal services and bits of advice while taking your instructions
  • Offers an area of specialty as they directly work with you

Criminal Law

A criminal lawyer is the best legal expert to handle criminal and villainous cases such as rape, theft, murder, robbery, and domestic assault. Generally, solicitors do not appear in court to argue the case of their client; rather it is the role of criminal lawyers. Yet, handling all pertinent documentation including searching and interviewing witnesses, filing, and other forms of paper and background work is the special expertise of solicitors.

Real Estate/ Conveyancing

Selling or buying property needs the services of the best solicitor. The best deals and decisions during the period of selling or buying are achieved with the right experience, skills, and knowledge of a good solicitor.

A solicitor with sound experience should be considered to prepare and draft legal documents of a commercial property. If you’re buying, a reliable solicitor would be able to confirm the potential property’s leasing details. Legal disputes can be avoided when the sale of a property is handled by a knowledgeable and experienced solicitor.

Corporate Law

Setting up a business or corporation needs professional help before signing or dealing with clients or other firms. It is the job of a good solicitor to draft contracts and spell out the disadvantages and advantages to the contracting parties.

Properties and Wills

The wealth and assets accumulated over the years are better safeguarded with the execution of a proper will. A talented and reliable solicitor will not only draft the contents of the will; he/she will also guide the concerned person from the start of the processing of documentation until the time it will be read to the beneficiaries.

Hiring the services of a solicitor/lawyer may be a bit expensive. However, the expense is always a worthy investment when your legal rights are protected at all times. The wide range of services offered and provided by solicitors ensures legal solutions to almost all legal issues. Learn more about our services by visiting us at Hinton Law in Hervey Bay.

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