About Us

The Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection is speaking out on behalf of public safety leaders, parents, business leaders, teachers, technology leaders, state and federal elected officials, the gaming industry and other concerned groups in opposition to a ban on all Internet gaming.

Our goal is to protect American families, consumers, businesses and states from those who are pushing for an extreme congressional overreach that would ban all Internet gaming. Congress banning all Internet gaming would have many negative effects, including…

  • Blocking the use of common sense consumer protections to clean up the billion-dollar black market for Internet gaming. A congressional ban would mean no use of age-verification technologies to keep children from playing, and no protections to ensure that games are fair.
  • Threatening the rights of states to make decisions on responsible programs that are regulated and produce revenue. New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada already permit online gaming, and state lotteries across the country are offering products to meet online demand. Congress shouldn’t roll them back with a national ban.
  • Restricting Internet freedom. Congress shouldn’t try to legislate away the Internet, and can’t simply ban online technologies the public has widely embraced.